The HAUNTED Magnolia Hotel is being featured on GHOST FILES (Formerly known as Buzzfeed Unsolved) September 22!!!​ 

"JJ's" Room / Living Room

The 1840 Magnolia Hotel

Bed and Breakfast​​

is Self Check-in!

​​The fully restored upstairs 5 room suite

on the second floor consists of :

*2 separate bedrooms 

(1 king size bed & 1 Queen size bed both with ceiling fans)
* living room

(with non-cable TV, a DVD player, spooky DVD's to watch & board games)
* non-cooking kitchen

(Microwave, Mini-Refrigerator, coffee maker and coffee supplies)
* private restroom with a walk in shower

(complimentary toiletries, towels, hair dryer)
* Central AC & Heat controlled by guest. 


you are given complete access to the entire 2800 sq ft, 16 room, second floor which DOES includes the unrestored side, if you dare!!

Just unlatch the door attached to the suite to enter. 

WARNING, the unrestored side of the second floor does NOT have electricity. There is NO air conditioning in the summer nor heat in the winter. It is also considered to be the most haunted area of the building. It's dusty, musty and spooky but it is your decision to enter of not.

Check out Erin O Wallace's

other books

​"Haunted Seguin"

Founded and built by the brave Texas Rangers who fought for the state's independence, Seguin is a picturesque town with a chilling history. The defensive wall around the city is said to also keep souls from leaving. Locals whisper tales of a headless soldier roaming the streets at night, searching for his remains. The town square, now a hub of activity and commerce, once hosted public hangings and beatings. Lake McQueeny is known for its beauty, but a lost spirit wails along the shores to warn would-be drowning victims. Discover these and other stories from the shadows of Seguin's past with author Erin O. Wallace.




Actual GHOST pictures captured on our Guided Ghost Tours!

Side of the hotel along S Crockett St. 

Children's Play Time!

This is the children's room on the bottom floor. Watch as our sweet spirit, Emma twirls her way into the room. As she enters her favorite lady bug ball and her new REM pods begin to roll. Then she heads over to the dress in the corner making the hem raise. Watch in the left corner of the room when her guardian, Mrs. Read enters as a shadow figure to join her. 

The Murderer's Room

We also offer our Guided Ghost Tours ONCE a month. Ticket links are announced on Facebook

Haunted Magnolia Hotel

Non-cooking kitchen area

Spirit Campbell checks out the NEW camera in his room!

​This video was captured in the 1840 portion of the hotel known as the "Smoke Room" where our spirit, Texas Ranger Campbell once lived. Watch as he enters the room and goes under the rocking chair then heads to the camera in the corner of his room. 

This is the self check-in door to the suite. 

Check out Erin O Wallace's

other books

"Haunted New Braunfels"

Visitors claim to hear the clinking of tinsmith tools and the ring of an unattended antique cash register at all hours at Kickin' K, which formerly housed Henne's Hardware and tinsmith shop. In Landa Park, passersby have reported hearing phantom footsteps follow behind them in the evening. Strange and spooky stories like these abound in New Braunfels. From the city's rough-and-tumble beginnings to its vibrant present, haunted tales can be found all over town. Author Erin O. Wallace delves into the ghost stories and histories of New Braunfels and tries to find the source of the paranormal phenomena.

"Amelia's" Room with queen size bed

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Walk-in shower and bathroom

Itzy's Room

Frequently asked questions
About our AirBnB Suite:

Can I bring outsiders to just view the suite while I am staying there?
No.  Only the 1-4 registered guests are allowed inside. You will be charged $100 for any additional guests if allowed and then asked to leave. 

Do you have a place to sit outside?
Yes, we have a bench right outside your entrance door.  

Do you have a pool, hot tub or exercise room on the property?
No but you can enjoy a lovely walk to the park just across the street. 

Can I have the entire second floor for my overnight stay?

Do I have to pay for the AirBnb suite to just have access to the other side?

Do you have WIFI?
No, we want you just enjoy being off the grid. 

Does my stay include a tour?
We do offer our Guided Ghost Tours but only on select dates and tickets must be
pre-purchased. One is not included in your overnight stay. 

Is the Indian Raid shelter, backyard and your home open to overnight guests to view? 

No, your overnight stay is for the 2 bedroom, living room, non-working kitchen and private bathroom single suite only.  Plus the un-restored side!

Is the price the same if I only have 1 person?
Yes it is the same for 1, 2, 3 or 4 guests. 

Is a child considered a guest?
Yes, no matter what the age they are considered a guests. 

Will I have to share my suite with a stranger?
Only if you book the room with a stranger! The suite belongs to the person reserving the room and their guests. 

Can I have a paranormal investigation in the suite during my overnight stay?
Sure, you get the entire second floor!

Can I make payments, layaway or installments for my overnight stay?
We require a full nights stays as your deposit for your reservation so sorry, no.

Do you guarantee I will see a ghost?
Umm, no. But we do promise spooky!

If I get scared can you come stay with me?
Umm, double no. 

Are there things to do in Seguin?
Yes, just google "Things to do in Seguin, Texas." The Historic Downtown District"s City Park across the street is gorgeous. It's worth the stroll over there. 

Is your breakfast home cooked?
We offer a continental breakfast of coffee, juice, water and prepackaged breakfast bars. 

Can I bring my pet since it is very tiny, blind and deaf?
Ok, that was a tough one but the rule
s are "no pets."

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We highly recommend reading Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel written by the hotel's owner. She is a four time published paranormal author. Before taking the tour or staying overnight this book gives you a detailed account of the spirits who reside at the hotel and lots of history! 

Next Guided Ghost Tour is April 13!

"John Doe's" Room with king size bed

Front Entrance of the hotel along Donegan St.

Check out these pictures of our gorgeous Bed and Breakfast

The stairs leading up to the suite.

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Magnolia Hotel BED and BREAKFAST

Please read before purchasing a ticket!

It's summer and the unrestored side does not have air conditioning. It's gonna be hot so dress accordingly and bring bottled water. Your ticket purchase is a license to Enter at Your Own Risk and you Waive/Release any claim or injury liability to Magnolia Hotel Tours, Ghedi Properties LLC and James and Erin Ghedi. The hotel tour does go up a flight of stairs so please be aware of this. No children under 10 are allowed to participate (we speak of very spooky stuff). All children MUST be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire tour, so no drop offs. Although there is no videoing or audio recording allowed we encourage still pictures. Leave your purses and backpacks at home, it's a two hour tour and they get heavy. No food or alcoholic beverages, and no smoking allowed. We do recommend bringing bottle water. No noise making paranormal equipment allowed but YES bring those K2 meters along. Please mute your phone before entering, there's nothing worse that having a spirit come forward then someone's phone rings. Absolutely NO refunds and NO rescheduling for ANY reason (again, no matter what the reasons are). Tickets may though be transferred for the date purchased to another guest upon advance notification to the owners. Tours go on rain or shine. Save your alcohol drinking for after the tour please. Any intoxicated guests will be asked to leave. Just an FYI, the unrestored side of the tour does not have electricity, so it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Costumed people do not jump out at you on our tour. This is a history and paranormal experience not a Halloween spook show. Our spirits have been known to come forward sometimes to greet our guests, so keep this in mind. 

Come take a


Guided Evening Ghost Tour.

Given by the actual Magnolia Hotel OWNERS

Jim Ghedi and Paranormal Author, Erin O Wallace-Ghedi!

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this tour will leave you in awe. Come walk along side the hotel owner/paranormal author, Erin O Wallace-Ghedi as she leads you from room to room of this massive 7,000 sq. ft two-story building. Throughout the entire 2 hour tour, you will discover the history and haunting of this once active 1850 frontier hotel, stagecoach stop, jail, shelter from Comanche attacks, brothel, and even a speakeasy. As you roam through Texas' most famous haunted hotel, you will hear stories of its former owners and visitors who once resided there (and still do). Paranormal activity has been known to happen along the tour, so it is not recommended for the weak of heart. 

The living room known as "JJ's" Room

Welcome to The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

​Bed and Breakfast and Ghost tours

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