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The Magnolia Hotel's

fully restored upstairs 5 room single suite

on the second floor consists of 
(NOT entire building nor entire second floor):

* 2 separate bedrooms

(1 king size bed & 1 Queen size bed both with ceiling fans)
* living room

(with non-cable TV, a DVD player, spooky DVD's to watch & board games)
* non-cooking kitchen

(Microwave, Mini-Refrigerator, coffee maker and coffee supplies)
* private restroom with a walk in shower

(complimentary toiletries, towels, hair dryer)
* Central AC & Heat controlled by guest. 

One night in 1874, a murderer crept into a New Braunfels home and killed twelve-year-old Emma Voelcker with an axe. The prime suspect was a family friend named Faust, lodging in the nearby Magnolia Hotel. A future governor prosecuted Faust, and an unknown assailant snuck past thirty-six armed guards to assassinate him. More than a century later, when Erin Wallace and her husband, Jim Ghedi, began restoring the hotel, first opened during the wild days of the Texas republic, they experienced eerie echoes from the past. One presence in particular cut through the chaos of slammed doors and roaming shadows to guide them to the Magnolia's darkest mystery. Wading through trial transcripts, newspaper archives and messages from disturbed ghosts, they discovered a secret history of Emma's death, a possible cover-up and its continuing legacy.

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Would you stay overnight in a


Have you ever wanted to stay in a

Known Haunted Location?

Well, here is your chance!!

The 1840 Frontier HAUNTED Magnolia Hotel

(built by one of the ORIGINAL Texas Rangers)

is NOW available for overnight stays!!

Most HAUNTED Bed & Breakfast in TEXAS!

Tired of giving your special person the same old, same old for Valentine's Day? Then give them an amazing gift they will remember forever! Make a reservation at our new Magnolia Hotel

Bed & Breakfast, print out the confirmation and place it in a box of candy, bouquet of flowers or in a simple card. They can then look forward to an unforgettable evening in the charming of Seguin,

while staying in the city's FIRST and oldest frontier hotel!!!

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The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

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Founded and built by the brave Texas Rangers who fought for the state's independence, Seguin is a picturesque town with a chilling history. The defensive wall around the city is said to also keep souls from leaving. Locals whisper tales of a headless soldier roaming the streets at night, searching for his remains. The town square, now a hub of activity and commerce, once hosted public hangings and beatings. Lake McQueeny is known for its beauty, but a lost spirit wails along the shores to warn would-be drowning victims. Discover these and other stories from the shadows of Seguin's past with author Erin O. Wallace.

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Visitors claim to hear the clinking of tinsmith tools and the ring of an unattended antique cash register at all hours at Kickin' K, which formerly housed Henne's Hardware and tinsmith shop. In Landa Park, passersby have reported hearing phantom footsteps follow behind them in the evening. Strange and spooky stories like these abound in New Braunfels. From the city's rough-and-tumble beginnings to its vibrant present, haunted tales can be found all over town. Author Erin O. Wallace delves into the ghost stories and histories of New Braunfels and tries to find the source of the paranormal phenomena.

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This is the video that went VIRAL on National TV of the amazing evidence captured in Ranger Campbell's room!

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Now Available! The book that started it all! Discover how a young traveling spirit named Emma led the author on an unbelievable journey to unveil her hidden secret.  Purchase your copy of all three books by author,

Erin O Wallace today.

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