"Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel" by Erin O Wallace

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Haunted Magnolia Hotel?

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Sorry we do NOT offer our Magnolia Hotel 

for private paranormal investigations.

 BUT, we do offer Public Investigations hosted

by the team Strange Town every quarter.

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Photo taken outside the window to the Murderer's room on the second floor.

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In Loving Memory of

Emma Voelcker


The long awaited book "Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel" by published author and co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel, Erin O Wallace (Ghedi) was released September 1, 2018. For nearly a year now, Wallace has been holding on to an incredible secret waiting to share with the world. After receiving an amazing message from a spirit, Wallace was led to clues revealing a deep, dark secret kept for over a century. This new information has not only shaken up history as we know it but has convinced even the most die-hard skeptics that it is indeed possible to communicate with the dead. Come visit the Magnolia Hotel to purchase your "first edition" copy of the book and have it signed by the author, Erin O Wallace. Also meet co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel husband, Jim Ghedi.

Discover how a young traveling spirit named Emma led the author on an unbelievable journey to unveil her hidden secret.

Purchase your copy of both books by author, Erin O Wallace today.


​The books that started it all!


Not for 

the faint

of heart!

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Not for 

the faint

of heart!


This is incredible evidence captured by the team STRANGE TOWN with Billy Driver and Mark Morrow. This was in the original 1840 log cabin built by the Texas Ranger, James Campbell. He was brutally massacred by Comanches but is believed to still reside at the Magnolia Hotel. The video was taken during one of the hotel's Public Paranormal Investigations. 

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FREE Open House

at the Magnolia Hotel!!!

In Honor of Texas Independence Day the Magnolia Hotel owners, Jim and Erin Ghedi will be opening their building to the public on March 2, from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM! Entrance into the hotel is free! This is a rare opportunity to view the inside of the couples' privately owned historic building. Come take a step back in time as you leisurely stroll through the newly restored 1840's hotel.  The building actually began as a two room log cabin built by one of the ORIGINAL Texas Independence fighters, Ranger James Campbell. Campbell was also the Co-Founder of Seguin who built one of the first homes. The Ghedi's are proud to honor this great Texan on this important date! Doors closed at 2:00 PM promptly. Children are allowed but MUST be under adult supervision at all times. Sorry, the basement will not be open to the public.  


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 Tickets are $25 per person with a maximum limit of 20 people. No one under 10 are allowed then must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry, no pets. Tours are from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm. Check in begins at 6:45 pm. Second floor is not handicap accessible, stair climbing is required. Picture taking is encouraged but absolutely NO video and/or audio recording permitted. Cell phones need to be set on mute for the entire tour. We encourage bringing along K2 EMF Meters but no noise making equipment. No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed. We do recommend bringing a bottle of water along and wearing comfortable shoes. Tours are conducted rain or shine. Warning, this tour is not for the faint of heart. Our spirits have been known to come forward along the tour so please be aware.  

Sorry, there are no refunds, no credits and no rescheduling.  

Newspaper articles about Emma's murder.

Author, Erin O Wallace - Ghedi &

husband, Jim Ghedi

Owners of the Magnolia Hotel

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

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"Strange Town"


Mark Morrow and Billy Driver