The young boy known as Little John in the mirror. 

Actual Guest Reviews

Juan Perez: March, 2016

​I absolutely love the hotel. I've been back twice in two weeks. Erin makes you feel welcomed and like family. I was there today and already can't wait to go back.

Photo taken by Zak Bagan of what appears to be a child dancing on top of the shelf using one of his paranormal research tools. 

The children and

Mrs. Dr. Read

looking out the kitchen window.

The weeping woman still looking for her sweetheart.

Here are a few

Magnolia Hotel's Ghosts 

captured on camera!

Magnolia Hotel made FRONT page when GHOST ADVENTURES visited!

Faust (the murderer) looking out his window. 

Odd Object coming out of mirror.

Alicia Willoughby: February, 2016

So much fun. Erin and Jim were great, so much history and so much activity going on. My Grandmother actually came through during some readings Erin did, and she was spot on. My friend and I had a blast!!! Would definitely do it again.

The Magnolia Hotel now offers venue rental of the original 1850 dining room for meetings, luncheons, baby showers, wedding showers, etc.  This room comfortably holds 30 guest. We offer a beautiful setting of linen table cloths, custom centerpieces and/or fresh flowers designed to your needs.  Musical entertainment is also available.  All proceeds go towards the continued restoration of the Magnolia Hotel. For full detail email: 

Ghost in the children's room.

Magnolia Hotel made FRONT page when PBS Strange Town visited!

Sherre Euton McLeod: February 2016

My first (and not my last) tour of this amazing historical place was AWESOME - being a person that can see Spirits, I saw activity that didn't capture on pics - but I now know the difference appearance of a Spirit that does not accept they are dead ~ wow ~ thankful y'all are saving this historical place for future generations. I will be back!

Magnolia Hotel made FRONT page when NICK GROFF'S TOUR visited!

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

The light anomaly seen

in the original restaurant. 

Helena, Faust's wife still standing by her man.

Mist coming out of murderer's room

Woman seen in picture located in ballroom

Byron Ates: February, 2016

I visited with my wife on 2/18/16 for the 7pm tour. It heard the history, felt a presence, saw Emma make a ball move, but the reading, then seeing the orbs around me in various pictures from other cameras not just my own know there is a presence as I call it. Thank you for the experience. Humbled.

This is our newest spirit to come forward! The woman taking the picture of herself in a mirror only had one other person standing next to her on the right. The tall man who has his hand reaching towards her was NOT in the room when she took the picture!!!! Notice his ripped worn pant legs, his height and how large his hand is. We have been communicating with him and he has actually replied to questions by WHISTLING which we have captured on audio. He calls himself Sam.  

Aaron Goodwin's vlog

Misty Equine: October, 2015

​​​I've never been anywhere where there is this much paranormal activity. I kept saying my camera was going wonkers because it kept snapping photos on its own. It was an amazing experience. I can't wait for October 24th!

How would you like to have your special event at the Magnolia Hotel?

Lisa Aviles: January 23, 2016

We came to the hotel for a meet and greet with Nick Groff, after seeing the inside and watching the Ghost Adventures episode on the hotel, we were intrigued to make a return for the actual tour. Erin is so resourceful and up to speed on her history of the hotel. Her true belief in the place makes even the skeptic question "could this be real?!". From beginning to end, this tour is so interesting & fascinating, you won't be disappointed. There is no doubt that my husband and I will return for another tour.

One of our shadow figures

Melissa Brooks Cunningham: February 12, 2016

​Just left the Magnolia Hotel. Let me tell you. It was pretty active tonight . I honestly went in as a skeptic. In two hours that changed. I had one experience where one of the little girls ( not itzie) Emma I believe gave me with chills down my neck, shoulders and arms. Hair standing up . It was like being lightly touched with electric currents but In a calm peaceful way. Ticklish way. The ball did move and we all saw it. This is the real deal. Erin is an amazing sweet beautiful woman woman with the sweetest soul. My husband and I will for sure be back. One of the absolute best experiences ever!!!​​

The Indian Raid Shelter.

Note face in shooting mist on right.