Kristin, Austin, TX

"We absolutely loved our stay at the Magnolia Hotel. Our suite was very clean and well designed. So much incredible history in this building and Seguin was a very cute small town. We had great chicken fried steak at Dixies and just had a wonderful overnight trip."

Kathryn, Austin, TX

"One of the best haunted places I’ve stayed in! The owners have put so much attention to detail all throughout. There is a lot of history you can read all over the suite & it just feels cozy. It’s more like a small apartment than a suite. We didn’t experience any ghostly things, however the spooky ambiance is definitely there. We will certainly return!"

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Would you AND UP TO 3 OTHER GUESTS stay overnight in the

1840's Historic Frontier Magnolia Hotel

that has been labeled

"The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas"?

​If your answer is YES, then continue reading!


   As an overnight guest (a total of only 4 guests allowed) in our newly restored single suite/apartment on the second floor you will have full access to 5 rooms (a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom). These 5 rooms were part of the original 1850 ten room hotel that flourished with guests until 1900. Guests arriving by stagecoach then later by steam engine trains enjoyed a comfortable night's rest in this once thriving hotel.

    On the evening of your check-in (4:00PM), you will be provided with a temporary secret code to open the exterior door leading to the suite's stairway. This exterior doorway is located on S. Crockett St. Just imagine how many thousands of weary travelers crossed this threshold seeking a comfortable night's rest. Once opening the exterior door directly in front of you, you will be see the original 1850's stairs beckoning you to enter. Take note of the row of vintage pictures along the left side of the wall as you walk upwards.

    With each step you will be greeted by all the previous owners/guardians of the hotel from Texas Ranger, James Campbell (who was ambushed and brutally murdered by Comanches in 1840), Colonel Thomas Johnston (who died at the hotel 1890), to the current owners, the Ghedi's. Many have said you can actually feel spirits accompanying you up the stairs.

    On your right you will see pictures of the hotel as it looked during it's prime with the huge balcony along the front. Midway of the stairs on your right you can actually still see the top of the entrance to the 1847 original Magnolia Hotel below made out of solid limecrete. At the top of the stairs you will then enter another door leading you inside your suite.

    The first room of the suite is a large living room (JJ's room). This room was a popular stay for numerous Traveling Salesmen who visited the hotel. One such salesman, known as JJ sadly committed suicide in this room. To your right is an old-fashioned bedroom with a queen size bed, where an older woman died in her sleep. A few steps more is a charming king size bedroom (John Does room). This is where a violent fight broke out and a man, known as John Doe was murdered. To your left is a quaint non-cooking kitchen where a antique rocking chair often rocks without anyone sitting in it. In the left corner of the suite is a full size bathroom with a shower. This room is known to give you a feeling of being watched.

    Once you have check-in and unloaded your luggage, head out to the Downtown Historic District's City Park across the street. It is a stunning area of Seguin. There are historic markers, statues, flags, a gorgeous water fountain and always a soft breeze. Though cruel it is still history, take note of the oak tree by the gazebo with the iron hook embedded in it. In the lawless days of the 1800's, they would chain prisoners to the hook and brutally whip them for committing a crime. Across the street from the park is the now closed Park Plaza Hotel. In front of the hotel is a crepe myrtle tree planted on the corner. This is exactly where the hanging tree once stood where many men were hung to death for their crimes. After dark the city square is filled with music from the Warehouse Bar across the street. That building was once the old hardware store for locals but is now a happening nightclub. After nightfall the park's oaks come alive with thousands of twinkling lights giving you the feel of being in a fairy tale.

     Afterwards head back to the Magnolia Hotel's suite. Get into your comfies, turn down the lights and curl up on the living room's vintage fainting lounge with a cup of hot coffee and read the book "Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel" written by the co-owner of the hotel, Erin O Wallace-Ghedi. Better yet, watch the PBS' documentary (that was filmed at and about the hotel) called "Emma's Little Secret" or the movie "13 Ghosts" which happens to be the number of spirits still residing in the hotel. Now crawl into your bed and wait for the possible paranormal activity to come knocking at your door or simply fall asleep, if you dare. When you wake up there is a coffee maker with all the coffee fixin's, 

prepackaged breakfast bars and fruit juice. Be sure to fill out our guests experiences book. We love hearing the stories from our visitors!


while staying overnight at the Magnolia Hotel then read below:

Your overnight stay at the Magnolia Hotel includes the 5 large rooms as described above. It does not include the entire second story floor nor the grounds of the property. 

BUT there is a small white door leading to the other side that you can have access to. The sign on the door says: 

"WARNING: UN-RESTORED area of the building. Secret code needed

If you would like to venture into the other side of the building that is UN-RESTORED

we are offering access to it during your overnight stay. After confirming your AirBnB reservation, you can have access to the 12 room un-restored side of the second story floor. 

The 12 rooms to explore include the pink bathroom, traveling salemen's lobby, prisoners room, Madame Rosebuds room, Itzy's room, Sam's room and of course

the murderer's room. Keep in mind this area is UN-RESTORED, has NO electricity, no AC or heat and is NOT prepared for overnight accommodations. It is dark, dusty, cobweeby and spooky! You will need a flashlight that we will provide. This is purely for entertainment. It is for observing the hotel's original architecture, seeing what it looked like before we restored it, enjoying the extended history of the building, investigating or just viewing this section out of pure curiosity sake. Though it is consider the more haunted area of the building we DO NOT guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience. Our spirits decide who, when and if they wish to come forward.

If you find the area too scary, not scary enough, too dusty, not dusty enough, too cobweeby, not cobweeby enough, not having a paranormal experience nor having too many paranormal experiences, etc., etc., etc., just go back into the AirBnB side. What we do guarantee is that it is very interesting!

Sharon, Prosper, TX

This is a very unique experience revisiting a time long past literally and spiritually. The accommodations were very clean, comfortable and cozy. I would highly recommend to anyone! Erin and Jim have thought of it all to make your stay the best. The perfect host!

Damien, San Antonio TX

"We had a great time in this beautifully restored apartment space at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel. My wife and I with 2 teenage girls enjoyed the local Seguin attractions and then relaxed in the historic apartment. A few bumps in the night were heard but no ghostly encounters this stay. A kitchenette area. Bath and living space with 2 bedrooms were very well restored and decorated bringing a clear history to the building. Temperature was cozy and cool and the Beds were comfortable. I woke at every noise, lol, suspecting a ghostly cause but overall the place had a very welcoming feeling and good vibe. Great job to Erin and Jim! Thank you for the wonderful stay! We will be back very soon. Highly recommended! 10/10. Worth it!"

Sue, Corpus Christi, TX 

"We had a wonderful stay and will definitely be back. Extremely clean and very comfortable. Authentic touches were amazing and the spirits enjoyed toying with us with the lights and furniture! The hosts were gracious and made us feel very welcome and comfortable!! Highly recommend!"

Crystal,  Houston, TX

"An experience of a lifetime! Thank you for your hardwork Jim and Erin by making this possible for people to enjoy."

Read our guest's reviews!

Robbi, Atascocita, TX

Above and beyond what you would expect and definitely worth the price! We will be back!

Our NEW Magnolia Hotel Bed & Breakfast was featured in the HOUSTONIA Magazine!!

Read the article here!

Carole, San Antonio, TX 

"What a fun, unique experience! My cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at The Magnolia and our stay in Seguin. The accommodations will transport you back in time where you’ll be mesmerized by beautiful antique furnishings, carefully thought out amenities, extremely comfortable beds, and nice cold air conditioning! It is a place where you could curl up with a favorite book or chat the night away. We did a little of both until it was time for dinner. We were within quick walking distance to several eateries and decided on the Warehouse. The food was delicious! After eating and lazily strolling through the Square while enjoying the sparkling lights, we decided to head back to the Magnolia. Back at the hotel, we entered the stairwell leading up to the suite and my cousin went ahead of me while I locked the door. I decided to flicker the lights off and on in an attempt to startle my cousin. I mean that was the whole allure of staying in a haunted hotel is to get scared right? She realized it was me and we had a quick laugh. The laughter was short lived when we proceeded up the stairs and were about half-way to the top, the lights flickered off and on ALL ON THEIR OWN. Neither of us was near a light switch, we both saw what happened and we kept looked at each other and asking if we had seen the same thing. It was truly a sobering experience and something I will remember forever. I can't wait to return and stay at this beautiful haunted place, and I hopefully encounter another playful spirit."

Amy, Gunter, TX

"We had an amazing night at the Magnolia Hotel! So happy that Jim and Erin are saving this amazing property, and my sister and I can’t wait to visit again! The spirts were active when we arrived, but quieted down late at (Website hidden by Airbnb) nice of them to let us sleep a bit, lol! That bathroom, Lots going on in there! We appreciate all the hard work going into this restoration, and that they have opened it up to share with us all. Highly recommend!"

Kevin, Grapevine, TX

"What an amazing place. We had so much fun exploring the other side of the building. Jim's room was VERY active for us. We would LOVE to go back some time and see what else we can scare up. lol Good luck trying to get a good night's rest, you'll feel like you're being watched the entire time. lol"

Samantha, Wharton, TX

"The hotel was clean and had everything we needed. It was also very convenient to have restaurants in walking distance."

Julie, Carrollton, TX

“I just got back from Staying at the Magnolia Hotel suites and it was an amazing 2-day trip. The suite was beautiful and I can’t even begin to say how amazing the suite is decorated, so worth it especially for paranormal enthusiasts. The beds were comfortable, the rooms clean, a full working bathroom, and a kitchenette with a small fridge, you couldn’t live there but it’s worth the stay for at least a night. The owners were always available and answered any questions we had before and once we got there. It was so amazing the owners let us have the entire 2nd floor of the building so we could investigate, we had activity primarily in the sitting room on the other side of the suite in the unfinished part of the hotel. But you can feel something over the entire place, I will definitely be back.”Type your paragraph here.

Candy, College Station, TX

"Very pleased with our visit to the Hotel. Thanks Erin for being so prompt with all my questions i had. If ya wanna get a scare and are open for it, this is your place! Not that they scared us, well maybe one time i was scared! Behind the door in the unfinished area is where we had several things happen. The spirits of the house are in both areas. I know because we experienced them in the suite and behind the door in the suite. I won’t give all the details because you’ll have to go see for yourself! Thanks Erin and Jim for making the suite available for people that love the paranormal."

Loretta, San Antonio, TX

Nice, clean accommodations. Owners very helpful and responsive. Fun experience!"

Woman seen in picture located in ballroom

Mary Ellen, Austin, TX

"Magnolia Hotel is an event, an experience and not just a place to stay. It was one of the most unique experiences we have ever had. The pride Jim and Erin take in maintaining their beautiful hotel is obvious and worth every penny. We were blown away that we had the unit to ourselves and could walk around as we wanted. It was brilliant of them not redo the back part of the hotel. They posted articles and interesting facts in important places throughout the original rooms. The bathroom is contemporary and the water temperature and pressure perfect. The bedrooms were huge and beautifully decorated. The whole event was flawless and will never be forgotten. We are all so appreciative that Jim and Erin allowed us to roll up our sleeve and forge straight ahead into some Texas Size Ghost Stories." 

Jess, LaBelle, Florida

"Wonderful girls adventure getaway for those who are curious in the paranormal. We didn't encounter anything that really scared us. We heard several noises throughout the stay one, 1 loud bang and what sounded to be like a moan we couldn't make out what it was exactly. The thing that did get us throughout our stay was the strong smell of perfume there one minute then completely gone the next. We felt the most energy activity in the bathroom near the kitchen and in the murderers room. It was a little fun adventure walking the home at night in the dark hoping to get a visit by anyone of the 13 ghosts. The renovated airbnb in itself was very clean, very comfortable beds, very accommodating. Its located in a walking distance of near local shops, restaurants, and antiques spots. We will be back for a ghost tour as we are curious about going down to the cellar."

Connie, Midland, TX

"Do not hesitate to go to this place! We had quiet a bit of activity during our stay. I would gladly do it again and if anyone gets the chance to go through the part of the hotel that hasn’t been redone all I can say is you need to make sure and do it. The suite we stayed in was so very nice and we had a few things go on during the night. It was a wonderful experience."

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

Yesenia, Seguin, TX

"It was such a wonderful experience and was a very inviting atmosphere. The rooms were so well decorated, clean and loved the little touches with the photos and original items and belongings. We didn't experience too much activity, just a lot of random bumps in the night and lights turning on and off. Would definitely recommend a stay over here and will come back again soon!"

William, Austin, TX

We spent the night at the Magnolia Hotel and found the accommodations to be very comfortable and well appointed, filled with interesting pictures, reference materials, and simply drenched with history. The hosts clearly put a lot of effort into restoring the upstairs living area, as it is clean and inviting without losing any of the appeal of the history of the 200 year old hotel. The floors, ceiling, and doors are beautiful and appear to be restored, original elements from long ago. As far as modern stuff, the AC cranks, the mini kitchen is efficient and nicely stocked, and the bathroom is modern, clean, and has a cool shower. Lastly, I am generally a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal, but try to keep an open mind. Over the course of the night, my wife and I encountered several odd little incidents that led me to believe that the place may very well be haunted. My wife heard children playing at 3 am, saw an orbish shadow drift across the bedroom transom, and heard a grocery bag rustle loudly during the night. I saw shadowy movements at the edges of my eyesight several times, and heard some weird, unidentifiable noises. Never felt anything negative, though, so these must be some of the nice entities that are said to dwell with the hotel. If you love a little spooky, a whole lot of history, and a pleasant and comfortable stay, the Magnolia Hotel is for you."

Robin, Cedar Creek, TX

"The Magnolia Hotel was so nice to stay in. It's decorated so nicely and has historical pictures (with descriptions) scattered throughout that added to the place. We didn't experience any spiritual activity ourselves, but will come back and try again! Thanks to Jim & Erin for creating such a lovely and warm environment!"

Charlye, Fort Worth, TX

"This place is AWESOME. Not only was it immaculately clean, but the little touches absolutely made the experience (snacks, information and pictures around the rooms, the amazing farm sink, the list goes on and on). We really saw the pride the owners took in restoring this gem, and think it deserves all of the great reviews and press its getting! The beds were comfortable, the rooms were beautifully appointed with antiques, there was a mini fridge(!!), and again, everything was so clean. And yes, we had some pretty spooky things happen, and even caught a few pictures!"

Monica, Houston, TX

"My sisters and I thoroughly enjoyed our day/night getaway at The Magnolia Hotel. We love traveling and finding hotels rich with history. This hotel is definitely a gem if you are a fan of that “old time” feeling and meeting up with unexplained phenomena. We had a great time and stay."

Frequently asked questions

About our AirBnB Suite:

Can I bring outsiders to just view the suite while I am staying there?

No.  Only the 1-4 registered guests are allowed inside. 

Do you have a place to sit outside?

Yes, we have a bench right outside your entrance door.  

Do you have a pool, hot tub or exercise room on the property?

No but you can enjoy a lovely walk to the park just across the street. 

Can I have the entire second floor for my overnight stay?


Do I have to pay for the AirBnb suite to just have access to the other side?


Do you have WIFI?

No, not at this time. 

Does my stay include a tour?

We do offer our Guided Ghost Tours but only on select dates and tickets must be

pre-purchased. One is not included in your overnight stay. 

Is the Indian Raid shelter, backyard and your home open to overnight guests to view? No, your overnight stay is for the 2 bedroom, living room, non-working kitchen and private bathroom single suite only.  Plus the un-restored side!

Is the price the same if I only have 1 person?

Yes it is the same for 1, 2, 3 or 4 guests. 

Is a child considered a guest?

Yes, no matter what the age they are considered a guests. 

Will I have to share my suite with a stranger?

Only if you book the room with a stranger! The suite belongs to the person reserving the room and their guests. 

Can I have a paranormal investigation in the suite during my overnight stay?

Sure, you get the entire second floor!

Can I make payments, layaway or installments for my overnight stay?

We require a full nights stays as your deposit for your reservation so sorry, no.

Do you guarantee I will see a ghost?

Umm, no. But we do promise spooky!

If I get scared can you come stay with me?

Umm, double no. 

Are there things to do in Seguin?

Yes, just google "Things to do in Seguin, Texas." The Historic Downtown District"s City Park across the street is gorgeous. It's worth the stroll over there.  

Is your breakfast home cooked?

We offer a continental breakfast of coffee, juise, water and prepackaged breakfast bars. 

Can I bring my pet since it is very tiny, blind and deaf?

Ok, that was a tough one but the rules are "no pets."