The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

Woman seen in picture located in ballroom

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Would you stay overnight in the 1840's Magnolia Hotel

that has been labeled

"The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas"?

​If your answer is YES, then continue reading!

    After 6 years of lovingly restoring this amazing 1840's historic stagecoach station, frontier hotel, saloon and brothel, owners Jim and Erin Ghedi have finally decided to allow overnight stays.  They BEGIN taking reservations on AUGUST 12! The link to make reservations will be placed on this website. One to four guests only will be able to stay overnight in their newly restored second floor single 2 bedroom suite.  The period decorated single 2 bedroom suite has been fully restored to its original glory days from 1850-1890. Come take a step back in time as you stay in the beautiful single suite that consist of 2 bedrooms (1 king and 1 queen) with an adjoining door, a comfortable living room with a TV and DVD player. There is a full size bathroom with a modern walk-in shower in the suite which includes basic complimentary toiletries, a hair dryer and of course towels. The non-working kitchen includes a fold-out table and 4 chairs, microwave, coffee maker and mini-refrigerator. Coffee supplies are provided along with bottle water. A light continental breakfast is included in your stay consisting of juice and pre-packaged pastries. The suite has central air conditioning and heat. It is a self check-in stay with a code provided for your entrance. You will be able to pre-purchase items popular at the hotel such as our "I Survived the Haunted Magnolia Hotel T-shirts", "Emma's little Secret" documentary on DVD signed by the producers, any or all of the owner/author, Erin O Wallace's signed books Haunted New Braunfels, Haunted Seguin, and the most SPINE CHILLING book of all  "Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel."

    The Magnolia Hotel is located in Seguin's charming Historic Downtown District. The beautiful town square located just steps from the hotel is absolutely stunning at night. Twinkling lights hang from the majestic Oak trees. During the day the square offers historical markers and a gorgeous water fountain to sit by. You can let your imagination go free and give thought to what it was like when the town was owned by the original Texas Rangers. There are several shops, restaurants and a museum all within walking distance to make your visit worth the trip.


Though our 13 spirits have been very kind to Jim and I please understand, we have NO control of them! Several of our spirits residing at the hotel often come out day and/or night. We are NOT responsible nor give refunds for the actions of these spirits or absolutely ANYTHING involving them. We do NOT give refunds if you decide it is too frightening for you. If you believe that a spirit can attach them self to you and might go home with you, then simply do NOT stay. Just keep in mind, they have resided here for over 179 years, their dilapidated hotel/home (destine for demolition) has been rescued and beautifully restored plus the current owners of the hotel highly respect them. Why on earth  would they want to leave!

                We want our guests to enjoy themselves but please remember

this is a REGISTERED HISTORIC TEXAS LANDMARK and we cherish it a great deal. So we have laid out some basic HOUSE RULES that would be expected of any guest staying in a persons home. Registered guests must agree to them during their stay. Please read BEFORE making a reservation.

Only 1-4 registered guests are allowed to stay in the suite. Children are counted as a guest no matter what age.

No outside visitors are allowed inside the suite other than the registered guests.  

The individual booking the reservation must be at least 21 years old and be one of the registered guests staying the night. We reserve the right to verify. All children must be accompanied by an adult during the entire stay.

Our 1850 second story suite is not handicap accessible and there are stairs to climb so please keep this in mind before making reservations.  

One full night’s stay ($249 plus tax) is required to hold a reservation.

For a refund you must cancel within 48 hours of your stay, NO exceptions. 

Check-in time is from 3:00pm-9:00pm

Check-out time is 11:00am, sorry no late check outs, no exceptions.

NO pets allowed (except for licensed service animals).

Absolutely NO smoking inside the building. If you must smoke go outside and far away from the building.

NO portable electric/gas stove burners, candles, incense, smudging or any other fire burning, heat making items allowed inside or outside the building.

Quiet time is from 10pm-8am. Have fun, just keep it down.  

Broken, damaged or destroyed anything will result in a fee being charged to your account for the amount of estimated repairs or replacement. We understand that accidents happen, just let us know when they do. Chances are we can fix them easily. This means there is a better chance of not being charged.

To help keep any future pests away please eat only in the kitchen area.

Parking is provided on the side of the hotel near the driveway when street parking is not available.

For your safety exterior cameras are positioned near the entrance of the suite and around other outside parts of the hotel that are monitored 24/7.

The use of paranormal equipment such as audio recorders, K2/EMF meters, dowsing rods, ghost boxes, cameras, and video recorders are fine
BUT…..The use of an Ouija board is NOT allowed under any circumstances on the property! It is profoundly dangerous and we will NOT tolerate it. If it is seen in your possession or on the property it will be confiscated until you check-out. If you refuse to turn it over, you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

  This is our private owned building. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Frequently asked questions:

Can I bring outsiders to just view the suite while I am staying there?

Sorry but no.  Only the 1-4 registered guests are allowed inside. 

Can I have the entire second floor for my overnight stay?

No, your overnight stay is for the 2 bedroom, living room, bathroom suite only.

Do you have WIFI?

No, not at this time. 

Does my stay include a tour?

We do offer our Guided Ghost Tours but only on select dates and tickets must be

pre-purchased. One is not included in your overnight stay. 

Is the shelter, backyard and your home open to overnight guests to view?

No, your overnight stay is for the 2 bedroom, living room, and bathroom suite only.

Is the price the same if I only have 1 person?

Yes it is the same for 1, 2, 3 or 4 guests. That is the flat rate.

Is a child considered a guest?

Yes, no matter what the age they are considered a guests. 

Can I have a paranormal investigation in the suite during my overnight stay?

Yes, as long as you follow our house rules.

Can I make payments for my overnight stay?

We require a full nights stays as your deposit for your reservation so sorry, no.

Do you guarantee I will see a ghost?

Umm, no.

If I get scared can you come stay with me?

Umm, double no. 

Are there things to do in Seguin?

Yes, google "Things to do in Seguin, Texas"